A Day In The Life Of Neil Capstick, MD of Executive Compass®

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Due to the nature of the tender writing services we provide my days are very varied. The day I have chosen is fairly typical. Most of my days are spent in the office in front of four computer monitors but occasionally we are at a client’s site for a day; though this can sometimes stretch to a week or a month at a time.

5:15 The alarm rouses me and it is time to begin the day. I have a duplicate office system installed at home for evening and weekend work and so have a sneaky peak at my e-mails before leaving home at 6:15.

6:15 I travel to the gym close to my office and then travel the mile or so to work.

8:30 Into the office and check my e-mails.

9:00-9:30 Typically this will be when our operational planning is discussed. Jobs are allocated and the writers “book” my time to review their work. We also discuss the comments from the reviews which I completed the previous evening. Progress on ongoing tender writing projects and any issues we may have are also discussed in detail, as are up and coming projects and the approaches we are going to use.

9:30-12 noon This is usually spent formulating responses, dealing with client enquiries and liaising with existing clients.

12 noon-12:30 Food glorious food! I usually have my lunch whilst working, but sometimes I join the team and put the world to rights over a coffee and a cake. If I am lucky one of the guys will have been to the “Secret Sandwich Shop” (yes, it really is called that) and will have brought back something I can steal!

12:30-18:00 Afternoons are always very varied. Depending on the projects we are working on afternoons could include more writing, dealing with clients, document reviews or following up on leads. More often than not, it is spent providing quotations and explaining to clients how our tender writing services work. Afternoons are usually when information from clients starts to arrive. They have been caught up in their day to day operational duties and have suddenly remembered that we are waiting for information. It often feels like clients have made a plan in advance and arranged for each other to all press the “send” button at the same time. As far as they are concerned they sent it on Thursday even if it was at 18:00.

18:00-19:00 On Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave the office and go directly to my running club. All thoughts of writing PQQ and tenders are forgotten as I run breathlessly along the road. It is a great outlet and helps to clear my head. Running finishes at around 19:30. On every other evening I simply travel home and have my evening meal.

19:00-21:30 I usually work in my home office. It is a soundproofed room and so allows for concentration. These are the hours that I spend reviewing our writers’ work. It is a time consuming but very necessary element of our quality management system. Once the review is complete it is updated on the system and I send an e-mail to the writer so that they can read my comments prior to the morning meeting.

After that I usually watch TV with Mrs Executive Compass. This may be accompanied by a Guinness but more often than not I simply flop on the sofa before going to bed around 11pm. So, not very exciting, but I enjoy the work I do. It is incredibly varied and very interesting. I get to learn about all manner of different sectors and businesses and meet some very interesting people. It also provides a very high level of job satisfaction. It is a very nice feeling winning a bid, especially if it has been for a small company that needed the win to stay in business or is for a very large firm which has had no luck in tendering, despite being really good at what it does.

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