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Published Date: 12-06-2015
Author: Executive Compass
Category: Top Tips
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When writing a bid there are no real quick fixes, but there are a number of areas writers can focus to have the best chance of success.

Follow these 10 steps and you will start to see improvements in both the quality of your bids and overall success rate.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead means that you are fully prepared when the tender documents are released and can immediately begin work.

Planning involves:

Assigning roles to team members
Researching contracts
Understanding company strengths
Writing model answers
Collating supporting documents

Planning saves time and improves the quality of bids.

Bid less

Often we find companies bid for too many contracts and stretch themselves to thin. Focus on fewer bids and you will immediately see an increase in quality.

Choose your contracts carefully based on the chances of success.

Create a bid library

A bid library consists of model answers, case studies and other supporting documents which have been work-shopped to ensure the highest quality response.

It is constantly adapting following feedback from submissions, saves time and hugely improves the quality of responses.

Your bid library is the key to future success.

Focus on the project

Within the submission don’t get distracted by talking too much about your company. Focus on the specific project and keep your answers relevant.

The contracting authority wants to know exactly how you can produce a high quality of service on that project.

Consult your team

Don’t just complete the bid and submit it by yourself. Consult other team members both for ideas and feedback on the submission.

Talk to service specialists within your organisation to gain an insight into exactly how your company can provide the best service.

Use templates

If the specification allows it, use unique company templates to make your bid stand out. Templates look professional and differentiate your bid from the competition.

To go the extra mile, consult a professional design company who can aide you.

Provide evidence

When making points always be sure to provide evidence to back them up. Use case studies to highlight how your company has previously delivered a high quality of service.

Evidence shows that you are not just making sweeping statements and can actually deliver on your promises.

Highlight specific benefits

Highlight the specific benefits your company can bring to the contract. Focus especially on environmental and social factors in line with new procurement regulations.

The evaluator is also looking for innovation and the ability to adapt to unforeseen issues when delivering the contract.

Use a proof reader

Use a proof reader to ensure that each response is of the highest quality and free from errors.

Ask for feedback

Always ask for feedback. This will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your bid and help you improve in the future.

Use feedback to improve your bid library and create the strongest model answers possible.

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For more tips, see our advice for completing a tender video:

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