Extra Bid Writing Resource This Summer


With the summer holiday period fast approaching, it is important to consider a pipeline of your PQQ and tender submissions and assess whether you might require additional bid writing support.

It is likely that you will be aware of any important contracts due to be released this summer, whether they are a ‘must-win’ for your organisation or a contract up for renewal. In line with the procurement cycle, it is a busy period for tendering in general, but especially so with many employees taking annual leave in the summer holidays. You need to ensure that you are not left with an important PQQ or tender submission to complete with little resource.

Using an external bid writer

Companies can be wary when considering whether to outsource the bid and tender writing process, and understandably so, as there is a lot of responsibility associated with writing a bid for an important contract. However, there are many benefits to using a professional bid writer for ad-hoc support, additional resource and holiday cover.

A good bid writer should work with your team to understand your current bid processes, previous tender submissions and identify your organisations strengths and capabilities. They will take the information from your company and translate this into a persuasive, high quality narrative response – whether this is alongside your bid team or working remotely to complete the submission on your behalf if your team is stretched.

Advantages of using a bid writer include:

  • Another professional writer’s ideas and input into your submission
  • Industry knowledge of ‘best practice’ answers and how to score the most marks
  • An external point of view, which can identify points you may have missed
  • Typically a professional bid writer will complete the submission a lot quicker and will be used to completing last minute bids
  • More cost effective than employing an internal member of staff to cover the job role
Facts about Tendering

Why choose Executive Compass?

Our team of bid writers are on hand to provide support tailored to your individual requirements. Our services are flexible and options are as follows:

  • Full bid management
  • Partial bid writing support
  • A review of your completed bid
  • A mixture of writing and review services.

We can integrate with your existing bid writer or bid team, or take the entire process out of your hands. Unlike most other bid writing companies, we have a directly employed, office-based team, meaning that you benefit from the expertise of a small collective of skilled professionals, certified to UKAS ISO9001:2008 quality management standard.

The majority of our clients are fully capable of completing their own bid submissions, but resource issues often prevent this from being possible – cue our team! We work with companies on a regular basis and also more ad hoc, so are used to being flexible and fitting in around your requirements and deadlines.

If you could benefit from external support this summer, when staff are on annual leave and there is a decrease in resource, contact us today to talk to a member of our team.


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