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Executive Compass® achieved a double PQQ writing success for a Welsh construction Company, adding to our already growing list of 2012 successes; the pre-qualification questionnaires included both residential and non-residential works.

The PQQ process can be complex and a little time-consuming, but as this was an existing client we were able to draw on our previous knowledge and leverage all of their unique attributes to storm through the PQQ submission and achieve a 100% mark on both documents.

The PQQs were heavily weighted on experience with 3 relevant contracts; for some PQQs these are listed as contracts of similar value. Many pre-qualification questionnaires are very broad when asking for information regarding case studies. We have provided a sample below of the type of things the evaluators are looking for.

Facts about Tendering

What you will need

Provide a brief description of up to 3 relevant contracts you have successfully delivered in the last 5 years that show experience that is relevant to the requirement. Please take into account the work range anticipated for Social Housing work, including internal refurbishments, and kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, within the probability that the premises will be occupied while work is undertaken.

You do not necessarily have to show experience of having delivered the same works and services previously but your evidence should show you have the capability to deliver them.

Provide details of:

• Client
• Works and/or services delivered
• How it is relevant to the requirement
• How the contract was delivered successfully; include testimonials where possible
• Challenges met and solutions provided
• Lessons learnt which have been useful for other projects
• Contract value
• Principal supply chain partners
• Period over which the contract was delivered
Additional Guidance: It is advantageous if the supplier can demonstrate relevant experience and understanding of working with various design teams (in-house, nominated and contractor’s design teams), higher marks will be awarded to companies where this can be demonstrated.
The PQQ required us to demonstrate relevant experience and understanding of:
• Design & build contracts
• Collaborative working
• Partnering
• Achieving best value for the client from the supply chain
• Delivery to time, cost and quality

The evaluation was based on information against the four key areas of Economic and Financial Standing; Capacity and Capability Management; Sustainability; and Health and Safety.

These PQQs are part of a large framework that involves both residential and non-residential works across South Wales. Note that the guidance notes explicitly state that higher marks are awarded for companies that are able to demonstrate the various elements. This is the difference between passing and failing!

We have developed such a powerful and innovative approach to completing a PQQ that there was never any doubt about them progressing to the tender stage. It is interesting to note that once again we scored 100% for our responses on partnering and collaborative working and yet we still meet people who are unable to differentiate between the two!

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