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Supplier Competency Questionnaires

Save time and let us complete your Supplier Questionnaires


Suppliers and sub-contractors may have to complete a Supplier Questionnaire to allow them to be formally added to the supply chain of prime/lead contractors.

This pre-vetting process, carried out via the supplier questionnaire, is now being enforced by the HSE through the CDM Regulations 2007, to ensure a company’s competency and compliance to carry out works or supply goods to primary contractors.

Supplier questionnaires should be treated like any PQQ (Pre-qualification Questionnaire), as they are now a gateway into the supply chains of larger construction contracts. Suppliers will be asked very similar questions to those in a PQQ, related to relevant policies and operational procedures, including Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Quality and Monitoring, Risk Assessment and more, which will need to be answered in detail.

Like any PQQ, this document should not be treated as 'any old questionnaire'. A sub-contractor’s competency reflects directly on the lead contractor, therefore they will be looking for a supplier that will reflect positively on their business.

We realise that being faced with this disruption can place undue pressure on resources, resulting in questionnaires being rushed and not being completed correctly or adequately.


Executive Compass® can provide a cost effective fixed price quote, with no obligation, for the completion of supplier questionnaires.

We can complete these on your behalf, quickly and effectively, with minimal stress or disruption to your business. Our writers have a wealth of experience, writing for the construction industry and they complete all types of health and safety questions on a daily basis.


If you would like to take advantage of our services, for the completion of your Sub-contractor or Supplier Questionnaire, and lift the pressure from you and your staff, call us now to receive a quote for your document: 0191 265 5461 or email us: info@executivecompass.co.uk