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Short Notice PQQ, Bid and Tender Writing

Do you need a PQQ, bid or tender writing at short notice or at the last minute?


There are a whole host of reasons that lead to short notice or last minute PQQ submissions. Whether your usual writer is on annual leave; a member of your team has succumbed to illness or if a particular PQQ, bid or tender is just proving too difficult to complete in-house - we can help.

It is not advisable to rush through your PQQ or tender submission yourself, as it is extremely easy for questions to be misinterpreted; vital information to be missed out and/or guidelines to be followed incorrectly.

We can work alongside you to help meet your deadlines, with minimal stress or disruption to your business and without compromising on quality.

Our team of dedicated, specialist writers regularly write short notice and last minute PQQ, bid and tender submissions; therefore, we can complete the work in a fraction of the time it may take you to complete it in-house.

Our short notice PQQ, bid and tender service includes:

  •  Completing your submission in minimal time
  •  Complimentary template design and formatting (if needed)
  •  Same high quality of written narrative
  •  One-to-one contact with your designated bid writer
  •  A cost effective and competitive upfront fixed fee
  •  Assurance that you can submit your PQQ, bid or tender on time

We are committed to making sure that you meet your deadlines. If necessary, we can assign several writers to work on your submission simultaneously to meet very tight time constraints. As well as writing during 'normal' Monday to Friday working hours, we can also work evenings, weekends and holidays if necessary, to meet your urgent needs.

If you have a short notice or a last minute PQQ, bid or tender, don’t waste any time: call us now: 0191 265 5461 or enter the word URGENT when using our enquiry form or when emailing us, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.