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PQQ Training

Win more PQQs with our training sessions


Our one-to-one or group session PPQ training courses are tailored to your specific business needs and requirements.

For beginners

Bid-ready workshop

  • Delegates will gain valuable knowledge and advice on everything you need to be ready to bid for public and private sector contracts
  • How to find and assess relevant tender opportunities
  • Find out what buyers are looking for
  • Understanding the public sector

PQQ training workshop

  • Use of example submissions to gain a better understanding of PQQs
  • Develop winning themes for your business
  • How to create structured your responses to score highly
  • Writing styles – how to add impact
  • Develop an achievable and realistic PQQ action plan
  • Develop model answers that can be used in various submissions

Intermediate and Advanced PQQ training

PQQ writing workshop

  • Use of your past submissions to identify strengths, weaknesses and improvements
  • How to improve your writing styles to add further impact
  • How to ‘add value’
  • Gain a better understand what evaluators are looking for
  • Other  bespoke areas to suit your business needs

These PQQ training courses can significantly improve your chances of winning contracts - no matter what level you are

Call us now to discuss your company’s specific needs: 0800 612 5563 or direct to mobile: 07590 276 006

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