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Bid Writing Training

Bespoke tendering courses


Producing a winning tender is critical to your business when bidding for public and private sector contracts.

Our one-day bid and tender training courses are tailored to your needs and your requirements of your business. They are designed to be interactive and to provide you with the tools and techniques to help you to write successful tenders.

Beginner’s tender training includes:

  •  Understanding tender documents
  •  How to plan your writing
  •  What is a winning theme?
  •  How to approach questions
  •  Tender terminology
  •  How to format your tender
  •  Important tender writing techniques
  •  Other bespoke areas to suit your business needs

Intermediate and advanced tender training includes:

  •  All of the above, if required
  •  How to select a winning theme
  •  Elevator pitch and unique selling points
  •  Collaboration
  •  Content: technical and quality elements
  •  Winning methodologies to win more tenders
  •  Explain the importance of version control
  •  Other  bespoke areas to suit your business needs

Our tender training courses will have you writing tenders in half the time it used to and will have you 'punching above your weight'.

Recent feedback:

"In January 2015 I spent a day with Neil Capstick taking me through the rigours of PQQ’s and tendering and, being a relative novice, I found the day to be an absolute joy! I learned invaluable knowledge and was presented with information, instruction and training bespoke to my role and industry. Neil and his staff were accommodating, friendly and professional, keeping the sessions informal but thorough and left me armed with all the outcomes required by my employer. 

Days later, I attempted my first PQQ and won the tender with full marks on the quality submission section. This was largely down to the personal level of service I received from Executive Compass and continued assistance via email from Neil and his staff. Fantastic and educational day at a reasonable price."

"The course was very comprehensive and has taught me not to be intimidated by tenders or by the word counts! Neil has provided a great methodology for breaking down the submissions and taught us how to gain more marks - the day has been a great benefit to me and the rest of my team."

"Thank you Neil for a very worthwhile training day. It helped me to focus on many levels and I found it extremely useful."

"I was open minded when undertaking the bid writing course but it exceeded my expectations completely. There were excellent practical examples for my industry and the whole day was very thought-provoking; I will definitely go away and rethink the tender process based on Executive Compass' advice. Neil was extremely helpful and is now assisting our organisation with a forthcoming must-win bid."

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