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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the cost of your services?

A: There is no 'price list' for our PQQ, bid and tender writing services. We charge on a project by project basis, depending on a number of factors (word count, number of days’ work, meetings, research and data collation, etc.)
We recommend that you send us the document that you wish us to complete and we will provide you with a fixed, no obligation quote.

For longer term relationships we offer monthly retainer charges based on how many days per annum your company will need our services

For more information about our pricing, call us now on 0800 612 5563

Q: Do you have writers that specialise in my industry?

A: We pride ourselves on being able to write PQQs and tenders for most industries or sectors. We have a wealth of experience writing tenders for industries from construction to health and social care, printing and publishing to translation/interpretation, maintenance to training and everything in between.

If we do come across an industry or niche that we have not written for previously, we conduct detailed meetings with your company and seek input from key members of staff to better understand the business.

In short, whatever you do, we can write for you.

Q: What can you do for price based tenders?

A: Price based tenders are obviously heavily influenced by the cost of your services or supplies. We cannot input at all on this section, however we can significantly improve the Quality, Technical and Compliance sections of your tender to prevent you falling down on these areas.

We cannot win it for you, but we can stop you losing on quality.

Q: What happens if more than one company approaches you for the same tender?

A: We will not take any project on that we do not believe we have a good chance of winning. Therefore we will not work with two companies for the same tender, purely because one of them will have to lose.

The only exception for this would be if two different companies were applying for completely different lots on a framework tender.

Unless this is the case, it is first up, best dressed, if you like.

Q: Are your services suitable for small companies

A: We work on behalf of companies of all shapes and sizes, from small, owner-managed businesses to large ‘blue chip’ firms.

Providing your company meets the requirements of the PQQ or tender then we are happy to work with you. However if you are a small firm that has never tendered towards contracts before we can also offer a Bid ready auditing service to get you kick started and off on the right foot.

If you would like to know how our services can help you win more business, call us now on 0800 612 5563