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Policies and Procedures

Improve your tendering


Are your current policies and procedures compliant?

All established companies, which are tendering towards public sector contracts, should have detailed, compliant and live company policies and procedures in place within their business. These are more than often a prerequisite, when completing a pre-qualification questionnaire.

Legislation is constantly changing, and company policies and procedures must be kept up-to-date.

We can provide your business with individually tailored policies and procedures covering a range of different functions which are cost effective and which meet your business needs.

Our professional policy writers can produce any policy that you may require, but the most popular company policies and procedures include:

  •  Quality Assurance Policy
  •  Diversity Policy
  •  Equal Opportunities Policy
  •  Race Relations Policy
  •  Sub-Contractor Selection Procedure
  •  Sustainability Policy
  •  Data Protection Policy
  •  Business Continuity Plan
  •  Training and Development Plan
  •  Information and Security Policy

We can tailor any policy to meet your business needs and your budget.


Send us your current company policies and procedures for review, using our document upload form.

Call us now to improve your business through effective company policies and procedures: 0800 61205563 or direct to mobile: 07590 276 006 to talk to our writers.