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Competitive Intelligence

Expanding your Business


Expansion is key for any company, but it is important to know the market. Executive Compass® offers competitive intelligence services tailored to your needs to inform your decisions through market analysis and intelligent reporting.

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) involves the development of an expansive library of data on competition and the market environment. Through informed analysis, that data is then transformed into intelligent reporting.

CI is:

  • Early warning of opportunities and threats
  • Approximations and informed views on the market and competition.

What do we offer?

1. Active Competitive Intelligence

Focus on competitors, their capabilities, current activities, plans, and intentions. We will run an end-to-end CI cycle for the client as follows:

  • Establish CI needs – we will identify the information that your company needs on competition, or the competitive environment. This entails considering the form of data motivating the report, such as strategic, tactical, marketing etc. along with what questions the client wants answered.
  • Collect the raw data – identify which questions need to be answered and identify optimal data sources. Sources are determined by reliability and usefulness of data and a realistic understanding of all constraints such as time, financial, organisational, informational and legal.
  • Evaluate and analyse the raw data – all data is evaluated and analysed by our in-house team and is transformed into useful intelligence in line with the client’s scope.
  • Communicate the finished intelligence – the CI report is prepared and presented in a usable format and in a timely manner.

2. Defensive Competitive Intelligence

We will advise the client on defensive CI, such as preventing competitors learning about marketing initiatives, along with looking at how to reduce expenditure:

  • Corporate Mission
  • Corporate Governance
  • Facilities
  • Career Opportunities
  • News Media
  • Investors
  • Customer News
  • Business Partners
  • Supplier News.

To discuss your Competitive Intelligence requirements contact Executive Compass® free on 0800 612 5563 OR email info@executivecompass.co.uk