Bid management software - iBid

Use our specialist software to manage your bid


We have developed state of the art of bid management software to complement and enhance our services and to benefit our clients.

iBid is an online platform for managing, coordinating and controlling all aspects of the bid management process.

Your personalised iBid account will be set up at the start of our business relationship and will remain active, until you state otherwise.

Benefits of our bid management software:

  •  Incorporates full version control, with authorisation and approval levels
  •  Prevents a conflict of documents
  •  Provides 'real time' progress updates
  •  Email alerts
  •  Remote access to all of your documents
  •  Personalised, with your own company logo and colours
  •  Added security for important documents
  •  Compatible with all document formats
  •  A calendar for organising gateway reviews and key milestones
  •  Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook
  •  Team discussion area/notice board


Our bid management software is primarily used for larger projects and full bid management services: to aid the efficiency of the process.

If you would like to know more about our bid management software, call us now: 0800 612 5563.